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Monika’s Herbalife Body Transformation

My Herbalife body transformation began a decade ago.

I was overweight my entire childhood all the way to my twenties. My family thought we were eating healthily, but it turned out we didn’t. My mother was suffering from extreme burnout due to poor nutrition and had to take naps after work almost every day. Eventually she developed type 2 diabetes. I managed to develop an unhealthy relationship with food, resulting in me eating my emotions. By my 20th birthday, I weighed 91kg (200lbs).

I tried losing weight on several occasions. I tried Atkins low carb diet, intermittent fasting, keto diet, drinking hot water with lemon every morning, drinking apple cider vinegar (it was supposed to melt the fat away)… Nothing worked! Eventually I developed a terrible fear of carbs and if I ate something that contained carbs, I would beat myself down and go on a fast. I accompanied my unhealthy relationships with food with extreme cardio and HIIT trainings, martial arts and more! I did everything I could to eat less and move more. And I would do that for a few months and then I would burn out! I crashed and binged on everything I could find in the ready meal section.

At some point it hit me that this is not the way to live and I started thinking about my long term health and the consequences my (in)actions will have. At that time, I met Herbalife and I never looked back. I found it extremely easy to keep up with the programme, it took nearly no time to make it and I didn’t even need a fridge to keep the products in my student accommodation. Gradually I lost 25kg (55lbs) and have kept it off for 8 years!

I got pregnant  in 2014 and kept using the products throughout the pregnancy, breastfeeding and managed to easily get rid of majority of baby weight. However, life has intervened and I suffered with depression and anxiety for quite a while. I fought hard to break the ties with toxic people in my life and slowly managed to get back on my feet. After 3 years of being in a “fog”, I can now say I managed to break through and again fully commit to myself, my body and my health. In the past 4 months, I have gotten rid of the last extra pounds and now I am working on gaining muscle and strength.

Exercise wise, I moved away from hours of endless cardio, knee and hip pains and frustrations. I never enjoyed it! For the past 18 months I got involved in powerlifting and I fell in love with the sport! Strength training has shaped up my body beautifully and I look better now than I did before I got pregnant. I still follow the same nutrition programme, but have added recovery shake after the exercise! My body feels amazing, my mind is finally balanced and I have so much energy, I manage to work, gym and play with my very energetic toddler. Due to balanced nutrition, I balanced my life and gained control over my body and mind! Now I have committed myself to help others achieve their potential and become healthier and consequently happier versions of themselves

Monika's Herbalife body transformation weight loss
Weight Lost: 25kg (4 stone)

Shelby’s life changing journey and weight loss

I guess my journey started at three months old when myself and my twin were in a house fire and both pulled from the blaze by emergency services. Continuing on from that we were neglected by our birth parents and being left home alone at the young age of three.  It wasn’t until I was found hanging out of an upstairs window that we were placed into the care system.  They kept us together but separated from our other siblings, who it turns out have since passed away.

We have both struggled through the last 30+ years, I have used alcohol as a coping tool and have tried to take my own life many times since the age of 18.

My mental health was in bad shape and my weight had soared to over 17 stone and I desperately needed help. Luckily, I met a Herbalife coach who introduced me to a fit club, but it took me over 6 months to gain the courage to attend.

Within 2 weeks she placed me on a 6 day breakfast trial, in which I lost 9lbs and my energy levels were great! I decided to start a programme and continue with the fit classes and also doing 21 day challenges. I seemed to feel a cloud lift, my mood becoming better and my confidence growing and I stopped my medication for anxiety and depression and started doing personal development daily.  I even managed to start doing things on my own, which previously I could not do.

I am no longer dwelling on my past and creating a legacy for my children to be proud of.  They both attend boxing classes with me and they too are both growing with confidence.

I’ve now lost over 6 stone and starting to love the person I see in front of me.  My whole life I have craved some love, but now realise self love is far greater

I owe so much to Herbalife and to the coach who has picked me out of the gutter and given me the opportunity to change my life.

Shelby's weightloss results
Weight Lost: 6 stone+ (40kg+)

Gina’s Herbalife Results

Before Herbalife I used to be your typical gym bunny and spend hours on a treadmill however my body wasn’t showing how fit I actually was because of my diet.

I fell pregnant and suffered with really bad morning sickness, anaemia and extreme tiredness, then I tried Herbalife by a total accident. After about a week on the products I couldn’t believe my energy levels, and with that my sickness disappeared and I felt incredible. Stuck to my products after the baby and since then I’ve lost 17lbs in fat and over 10% of body fat.

Being part of this company has taught me consistency and moderation as I’m very hard to be kept on track and always slipped back into bad habits when trying other diets. My coach and the community I’m in keeps me accountable and most importantly educated on my everyday diet.

Gina's Weight Loss Results
Weight Lost: 17lbs


All references to weight management relate to the Herbalife Nutrition Weight Management Programme which includes, amongst other things, a balanced diet, regular exercise, an adequate daily fluid intake, nutritional supplementation where required and appropriate rest, individual results will vary