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Gina’s Herbalife Results
Incredible Weight Loss Results Herbalife Dundee

Gina’s Herbalife Results

Before Herbalife I used to be your typical gym bunny and spend hours on a treadmill however my body wasn’t showing how fit I actually was because of my diet.

I fell pregnant and suffered with really bad morning sickness, anaemia and extreme tiredness, then I tried Herbalife by a total accident. After about a week on the products I couldn’t believe my energy levels, and with that my sickness disappeared and I felt incredible. Stuck to my products after the baby and since then I’ve lost 17lbs in fat and over 10% of body fat.

Being part of this company has taught me consistency and moderation as I’m very hard to be kept on track and always slipped back into bad habits when trying other diets. My coach and the community I’m in keeps me accountable and most importantly educated on my everyday diet.