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Monika’s Herbalife Body Transformation

I tried losing weight on several occasions. I tried Atkins low carb diet, intermittent fasting, keto diet, drinking hot water with lemon every morning, drinking apple cider vinegar (it was supposed to melt the fat away)… Nothing worked! Eventually I developed a terrible fear of carbs and if I ate something that contained carbs, I would beat myself down and go on a fast. I accompanied my unhealthy relationships with food with extreme cardio and HIIT trainings, martial arts and more! I did everything I could to eat less and move more. And I would do that for a few months and then I would burn out! I crashed and binged on everything I could find in the ready meal section. At some point it hit me that this is not the way to live and I started thinking about my long term health and the consequences my (in)actions will have. At that time I met Herbalife and I never looked back. I found it extremely easy to keep up with the programme, it took nearly no time to make it and I didn't even need a fridge to keep the products in my student accommodation. Gradually I lost 25kg (55lbs) and have kept it off for 8 years!

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Shelby’s life changing journey and weight loss

I've now lost over 6 stone and starting to love the person I see in front of me.  My whole life I have craved some love, but now realise self love is far greater. I owe so much to Herbalife and to the coach who has picked me out of the gutter and given me the opportunity to change my life.

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