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I come from an abusive background, physically and mentally. I have been restricted my whole life – been held on a short leash and when I would dare step out of line, I would be punished by beating, house arrest and chores unsuitable for my age. Now, after 15 years of healing and learning to love myself, I am a scientist with a PhD on genetics by day, an entrepreneur in the afternoon, and a B.A.D. mum at night! Having been through trauma, having encountered the hurdles, doubts and disappointments, I now strive to help other women with their journey to a happier and healthier life.

When we say “Yes” to one thing, we ultimately say “No” to another.
Yes to the social gathering, may mean No to getting chores around the house done.
Yes to working overtime, may mean No to family dinner.
If any of the below statements resonate with you, it may be time to take a closer look at what you are saying “Yes” to and what you are saying “No”to.
Your “To-Do” List is a mile long and/or overwhelming.
You are always busy – but never feel as though you are accomplishing the things that you want to accomplish.
You feel like you don’t have control of your own time/schedule.
You are burnt-out, tired, worn down. (Your body will keep the score!)
What are your priorities? Are they guiding your to-do list? Or is your to-do list guiding you?We all have the same 24 hours/day to live our lives in a meaningful way that promotes wellness and happiness.
Take a look at your priorities and decide which activities/tasks can be added or removed.
Recognize that you cannot do it all and be intentional about scheduling time for the things that matter most to you.Let me ask you, do you say YES to mind, body, and soul balance?

From my personal experiences to effective methods, I’ll share it all so you’ll be guided properly in this new path you’re willing to take.

Remember, focus on the positive things that will change when you make choices to maintain a healthy weight. Our mindset impacts EVERYTHING that we do. Our thoughts control our actions and our actions control our outcomes. And ultimately, a negative mindset leads to failure.

First step can be hard, let me walk with you through it